Les Personnes – Lindy Zucker

Lindy Zucker. What cannot be said about Lindy Zucker? (pronounced Zoo-ker, apparently? whatever.)
Lindy is many things, including Jewish. Why is this significant? Well, possibly because it means we, oddly enough, seem to get along quite well.

Oh. Lindy is the Festival Associate. What does that mean? Essentially is means that anything I’m too moronic to understand, she explains to me. It also means she is co-producing the performance gallery with me, and is the editor of the kick-ass “propaganda”. And a host of many other things–and let’s just say that without her, we would all die. all of us. death. seriously. like, serious death. like super-death. ouch. Lindy also helped me coin the phrase “Jew Casj” (Jewish Casual). That is when a cool out-exterior is masterfully negotiating a jumble of inner-neurosis. I am not saying that this describes Lindy. This simply is what I feel.

1. Who are you?

Sarcastic, queerly jewish, asshole of a social whore about town with
a penchant for subversive comedy and ice cream.

2. Why are you doing here?

I hope you mean What because why is a little existential for me.

If I was a stand-up comedian I would say something like “I think was
part of my parole agreement.” because that’s hilarious and sometimes

3. What do you hope for the festival.

I hope for mind-blowing art of every kind, outrageous beer-fueled
courtyard conversation and an amazing time had by all…oh an lots and
lots of sold out houses in every venue for every show for every night.

4. What are you most interested in.

You’ll have to narrow this down to a realm of something…

5. What are you worried about?

The increasing amount of passive aggressiveness in the world

6. Any final words?


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