Les Personnes – Matt Farrell

Matt Farrell – Production Manager

Matt holds down the fort. He is very good at his job. It has been an incredible gift to get him. I sort of feel like he and I are growing up together, with this being both of our first years at the festival. We are as much partners as we are foils, which, I think, is the best sort of relationship. He’s also as excited as I am for the festival, which, in my books, is the most important thing there is. He’s also recently engaged, which means he’ll be in a great mood for the festival. Seriously, congratulate him on his marriage, and I bet he’ll throw in some extra tech time. (do not hold me to that statement)

1. Who are you?

Matt Farrell – Production Manager to the stars – and Michael is a star.

2. Why are you doing here?

I am doing here to try make the production side run a smooth as my forehead in five years time.

3. What do you hope for the festival.

SummerWorks will unify all the nations of earth, ushering in a new age of peace and groovy prosperity . . . . or at the very least the new Music Series will really take off!

4. What are you most interested in.


5. What are you worried about?

Time – there is never enough of it. Money is a close second.

6. Any final words?

I am truly looking forward to seeing the actual productions after months of staring at schedules, budgets, questionnaires, technical specs, etc, etc, etc,


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