Ariann Bardesono (director of 2 1/2 Breaths) interviews:


director of FEWER EMERGENCIES, by Martin Crimp

1. 3 items in your everyday life that describe you.

Barbells, tighty whities and a game plan.

2. The last emergency you had to face

A tumor on my mother’s womb.

3. The next project you have in mind

An adaptation of Fassbinder’s Querelle, which itself is an adaptation of the novel by Jean Genet. The lead character, Querelle (played by the Brad Davis in the film), is a sexually irresistible sailor, prostitute, opium smuggler and serial killer and he will be played by my friend Heather who is this hot female bodybuilder/performance artist. It’s an ode to Tom of Findland.

4. The pearl and the mud of SummerWorks


  • working on an amazing play,
  • seeing some good theatre,
  • chilling at the beer tent,
  • the new music series sounds promising,
  • Michael Rubenfeld’s hair,
  • the heat wave that always seems to hit town around festival time.


  • scheduling rehearsals,
  • carrying an amp and microphones across town to various rehearsal locations,
  • that’s about it – it’s a good time.

5. Which is your favourite Tarkovsky?

Hard question. Perhaps Nostalghia? Stalker? Andrei Rublev?

Famous Tarkovsky quote: “Art is born and takes hold wherever there is a timeless and insatiable longing for the spiritual.”

Other famous Tarkovsky quote: “Juxtaposing a person with an environment that is boundless, collating him with a countless number of people passing by close to him and far away, relating a person to the whole world, that is the meaning of cinema.”

6. Is being safe important to you?

I wouldn’t say that I overtly court danger in my life… When it comes to things that could kill me like riding my bike or having sex, I would say that safety is important to me. But when it comes to things that don’t directly involve my mortality, I am not terribly interested in playing safe.

7. How is your show different from anyone else?

Yikes. Don’t know enough about the other shows… But I DO know that Martin Crimp’s writing is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before – he radically calls into question the usual conventions of storytelling and representation in theatre. He’s really exciting. He is daring, contemporary and subversive BUT what is truly amazing is that he is also totally accessible. His work is not just a formal experiment; his perspective on our world is current, compelling and truthful. His play is like a Jean Baudrillard quote: a masquerade of information: branded faces delivered over to the prostitution of the image, the image of an unintelligible distress.

Martin Crimp

Martin Crimp

8. One concrete act to improve the life of Theatre

Devoting less energy to being “good” and being more concerned with being original, authentic and honest.

Getting rid of the Harper government would good too – the benefits of that would go way beyond theatre.

9. How is the world getting better?

Um… it ain’t.

10. What’s the perfect place where to perform Fewer Emergencies?

Inside my head.


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