Les Personnes – Roula Alexopoulos

Roula Roula bo boula, banana fana fo foola. Fee fi fo foola.


Roula is the FOH Co-Ordinator. What does this mean? This means she staffs everybody who is responsible for ensuring that your audiences and you are happy with anything to do with FRONT OF HOUSE.

Roula is a Goddess. We are all blessed to have her at the festival, and while it is her (and our) job to serve you, i urge you to be very nice to Roula, as she is being VERY nice to us and to you. It took me about 5 minutes to hire Roula after meeting her. If you know her, you know why, if you don’t, hopefully you’ll learn!

1. Who are you?

Stavroula Alexopoulos AKA ROULA

2. Why are you doing here?
Why? I have big love for summer/theatre/music

3. What do you hope for the festival.

Sold out shows!!!!

4. What are you most interested in.

TOP 3:
1-Music series
2-Talking to festival patrons about shows over drinks in the courtyard.
3-going from venue to venue and hearing how awesome the FOH team is ;)

5. What are you worried about?
That people didn’t read the back of their ticket.

6. Any final words?

Dance party?


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