Les Personnes – Hilary Prue

Ladies and Gentleman … The Pirate Prue.

(she does not know that I’ve nicknamed her this. let’s all keep it a secret, and just all start calling her this and watch her freak out)

The Pirate Prue

Hilary Prue is the Box Office Manager (and a pirate). She lives on the other end of the interweb convincing people that they wish to put tickets on sale so that someone else can convince people to buy said tickets so that the festival can sell tickets & be success & financially solvent (she’s lying, she’s really a pirate). During the festival, she will be well hidden at a desk far from the action counting tickets & piles of money (but only if we successfully sell all those tickets). (or she’ll make you walk the plank because she is a pirate)

1. Who are you?

A devilishly sarcastic & bitchy dame who likes to put things in piles & make sure that papers & numbers balance in harmony – and profit, did I mention profit? Oh, and super sexy! (and a pirate)

2. Why are you doing here?

Hopefully ensuring that tickets are sold & artists get money and so does the festival. Oh, maybe also killing time between festivals? (she’s a pirate)

3. What do you hope for the festival.

Have I mentioned profit? I hope to make sure that we make money by selling tickets & that the amount of money balances against the ticket stubs. I like to pay people for their work & like when column A equals column B. I’m a bit of a type A, but in a sexy way. (pirate)

4. What are you most interested in.

Waiting for the popular shows to sell out & deciding to go see them at the last minute & demanding to be let in while saying “don’t you know who I am?” (a pirate!)

5. What are you worried about?

A website that is selling our tickets crashing – oh, happened already? – guess my worries are over. (yarrrr)

6. Any final words?

Stay hydrated, you’ll just be happier & nicer to the staff. Yes, be nice to the front line staff, they are hot & thirsty too. (and pirates)


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