42 thoughts on “Interpretation

  1. Okay, it still wouldn’t make me curious enough about summerworks to check it out if I didn’t really know what it was, but this one did make me laugh… :P

  2. This is awful. Why do we as working actors in Canada have to teach one another to “act American”. These are great actors in our city, our country, and they are relegated to buffoonery and stereotypical impressions of what “Americans” are like. As if we haven’t lost enough of our Canadian identity already, we are being forced into “Americanization Classes” or whatever this video depicts.

    Why do they all start to laugh near the end? Is it because they know they are an embarrassment to Canadian theatre culture? These are some of the finest actors in Toronto and they have a responsibility to the rest of us to not “Americanize” themselves as they so clearly want to do.

    SummerWorks you should be ashamed for forcing these poor actors into doing this. They are obviously there against their will, potentially at gunpoint. I am embarrassed for you, all of you.

  3. Aristophanes, did you notice the last paragraph?

    “SummerWorks you should be ashamed for forcing these poor
    actors into doing this. They are obviously there against their will, potentially at gunpoint. I am embarrassed for you, all of you.”

    Methinks Naomi is poking fun at others and saying these words, tongue firmly in cheek…

  4. I was improvising from a very deep place. And now people are going to shout “fuck my wide ass” at me from moving vehicles. I feel exploited. I feel Claudia Dey-dirty.

  5. Michael, don’t feel exploited. Don’t. Sometimes, when we work, things come from deep places, truth places. The Source. We must honour Truth and Honesty. What you said was strange, and uncomfortable, but it was real. Your swamp offered it up and you let it out. Thanks for your work. I love your work. Call if you get work.

  6. I guess this one made me smile… ?

    And I see that these clips are getting people to talk about the festival… which is good… ?

    I do have to say though. I have come to a few summerworks shows over the years and feel like I am an outsider at someone else’s party. This is inevitable at any festival; friends greeting friends after a show well done (or not so much), etc.

    These clips however make me feel even more removed as a general public audience member. Playwright pillow fights, and what looks like a group of old Frat Boys participating in an improv “inside joke” (with uninteresting meaning that doesn’t connect with anything that impacts my life) doesn’t bring me to understand the world of the festival or my experience as an audience member who visits your little shin-dig. Perhaps something more welcoming for the next instalment. Who am I to criticize, I know. But considering that you are reaching a much wider market than your own circle of friends, why not charm your current and prospective audience with something a little more friendly.

    Sidenote – Michael Healey, great response re: “Fuck My Wide Ass” that actually made me smile.

    Also sidenote – “Cry from a real spot – an American spot” makes me want to vomit and punch someone at the same time.

  7. “How dare anyone make fun of Toronto Theatre, after all she’s been through! Waah! Leave Toronto Theatre ALONE!”

  8. I am interested in what another poster said about these vids and the discussion that has developed here being quite insular and that does beg the question: is this helping the Summerworks fest get more/new bums in seats? — I think the comment above by Marshall is very telling, that he feels (if I may paraphrase) as if he’s attending someone else’s theatre festival…

    all this talk is good, yes. I’d say there is something to learn here about how the fest could reach out to a wider audience and get more and more people excited about Toronto theatre…

    I don’t love the vids but kudos to Rubes for going for it (uh oh, now I’m being all cliquey)

    as for Healey’s ass, I think it’s perfect.

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  10. Marshall, for the record, that was an EXCELLENT comment. In fact, it lead me to write a big long blathering piece on my blog.

    So, um, yeah, thanks!

  11. Hm. Are there any plays in this festival? Because these little ‘adverts’ are really doing a GREAT job of promoting the PLAYS in the FESTIVAL. Great work. Keep it up.

  12. I think the thing getting lost in all of this, the thing we mustn’t lose sight of is that Tracy Dawson, sitting at the computer at 3 in the morning, said that my ass is perfect.

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  14. why do you all of you insular, self-important fucks continue to hate women (read: yourselves) so much? and how can you help me admit to feeling the same way?

    stop doing everything that you’ve ever done (yes, RETROACTIVELY) and just shut up (read: pay attention to me). forever.

    in love and loathing,
    tara beagan
    ~ambassador of female playwrights, on all of the internets, in perpetuity~

  15. oohhh hahaha….ooooohhh hahaha, yes indeed, ahh haa whoooweee. i see the spirit of the late, great steve weston is not lost on these rill, rill talented canadian actors. i hope that everyone’s play practice is going super well and your ready for some boffo box office…ha ha!! my ass is wide….thats…….just……….great…

  16. sorry about that. I got a little impassioned last night after a few drinks. hmm, american style perhaps? and then I said some things, maybe I shouldn’t have. and with my real name! oops.

    anyways, I apologize. That was rude. extremely rude. I hope that if we meet one day you don’t recognize my name.

  17. The rumours of the death of Canadian Theatre are greatly exaggerated. In fact, I saw Canadian Theatre at Terroni last Wednesday, eating a crostini. And then again, at the Dundas West subway station, pretending not to see me waving. Other things not dead: cynicism, gossip, The Hustle, and Jennifer Lopez. Just resting, just resting. En avant!

  18. Perhaps I should be more specific. The items listed (J-Lo, et al) are the items resting. Canadian Theatre, though, is not at rest, nor will it ever be. It is a vigorous, sweating, beautiful beast in motion.

  19. I just want to say that these last few weeks have been very emotional. All the anger and conflict over these videos have often made me so upset that I could not eat my lunch (and sometimes, my midnight falafel). In tears, I would often have to have two G&T’s instead of my usual one before I get into the beers. I hope that when we see each other after the shows that we will meet as brothers and sisters of the arts and forget about these tragic dustups.

    Let the cockbags commence!

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