Les Personnes – Jordi Mand

jordijordijordijordijordijordi hurray! she’s not only works for the festival, she plays one on t.v.!

jordi. or, as we like to joke in the office: "the one who sent in the side-ways picture of herself and we were too lazy to make it right, so it will just have to stay like this and people are going to have to turn their heads to the left. no. right. left? right. left."

1. Who are you?
Jordi Mand

2. Why are you doing here?
I am the Program Cordintor for the Festival this year.

3. What do you hope for the festival.
That it continues to surprise – surprise all of us as well as all of you

4. What are you most interested in?
Play development. Artist development…and great story telling.

5. What are you worried about?
Time, time, time.

6. Any final words?


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