TALK SIXTY TO ME, by Oonagh Duncan

Tim Welham of The Dwarf’s interviews Oonagh Duncan of

Talk Sixty To Me

by Oonagh Duncan

Oonagh Duncan

Oonagh Duncan

Directed by Philip Adams
Presented by Oyster Productions
Featuring Cayle Chernin, Bonnie McDougall, Allan Price,
Andrew Scorer

Talk Sixty To Me is a shocking and hilarious verbatim play based on over 100 hours of recorded interviews with sixty-year-olds. From CEOs to refugees, cougars and ladies who lunch, the boomers reveal the truth about sex, suicide, cyber dating, the circle of life, and the surprise of suddenly being…sixty.

If you’re thirty and looking to understand your parent’s generation, (or sixty looking to understand your own) this show is definitely not to be missed! Oonagh Duncan’s Talk Sixty to Me is exciting, adventurous and relevant theatre accessible to all ages – whether you’re thirty, sixty, or thirty plus sixty. Check it out, it’s gonna be hilarious!

Q: Describe your show in one sentence.

Talk Sixty To Me is a shocking and hilarious play based on over 100 hours of recorded interviews with Toronto -area sixty-year olds.

Q: What are the top three reasons to see Talk Sixty to Me?

1. Because every word in Talk Sixty To Me is verbatim-proving that the truth is stranger-and funnier-than fiction.

2. Because you have no idea how much you discriminated against people because of their perceived age.

3. Because Talk Sixty To Me is the much-anticipated follow up to the cult hit Talk Thirty To Me, which gained national media attention and went on to be produced in New York and London.

Q: What is the original inspiration behind the project?

I wrote Talk Thirty To Me largely to ‘explain’ our generation to our parents and when it was done, so many of those parents wanted me to ‘do one about us-do one about turning sixty’. At first I wasn’t interested at all (see reason number two to see the show: unintentional ageism!) but as soon as I started interviewing, I was absolutely fascinated to discover that sixty is nothing like I thought it was…

Q: What is the most exciting thing about documentary-style and verbatim theatre?

Because the play is only taken from words spoken in ‘real life’, the play can’t exist unless people want to talk about it. It necessarily creates theatre that is relevant to the local community.

Q: How does the show compare to Talk Thirty to Me? What are the differences?

There are actually alot of fascinating similarities – at both ages, it’s a stage of life where you take stock of who you are and what you’ve done and try to figure out ‘what’s next’. The thirty year olds hardly ever mentioned the Kennedy assassination though.

Q: What was the most challenging part of creating the piece?

Selecting the material to use! I have hundreds of pages of amazing stories and ideas and characters and I have to boil all that down to one cohesive one-hour play-it’s torture having to omit so much beautiful stuff!

Q: What should audiences come expecting to see? Are they in for any interesting surprises?

Well, the first line of the show is ‘why would anyone want to see a play about a bunch of old people?’, which is I guess the presumption that I think people might come in with. The surprise is (for all of us-even the 60 year olds), is that you always feel 20 years old and then suddenly you look down and your body tells otherwise.

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