DOOM 2012: WHEN WILL YOU FLEE?, by Doug McKeag

Laurel Green and Serena Lee of ARM’S LENGTH interview Doug McKeag of

Doom 2012: When Will You Flee?

by Doug McKeag

Directed by Duval Lang
Presented by Dandi Productions
Featuring Doug McKeag

In DOOM 2012: When will YOU Flee?, Doug McKeag presents the evidence that our comfortable lives are about to change. Drastically. But when? When will YOU pack up the car and get outta town? When will YOU Flee? Cast your vote in this hilariously scientific, deadly serious tour-de-force.

Q: Can you tell us a little about Dandi Productions? Is DOOM 2012 a musical project (like most of your others)?

A: [DOOM 2012] is NOT a musical, but Dandi usually produces things related to music: Symphony Programs, big band concerts, jazz gigs, recordings.

Q: How did your project start?

A: Like most good things, it came out of my obsession for cutting out apocalyptic newspaper headlines.

Q: What is your process of new play development like?

Unofficially, a week in Banff, and a bag of weed… but really, I have a brain that keeps figurin’ and crunchin’, and eventually a play emerges.

Q: What are some of the questions that are on your mind these days in rehearsals?

A: “OMIGOD will this fit in under an hour?”

Q: What response have you received performing this piece?

A: The premiere run in Calgary was received very warmly, and was this week nominated for Outstanding New Play for a Betty Mitchell Award.

Betty Mitchell Award

Betty Mitchell Award

Q: How seriously do you take the prediction on which your play is based?

A: The show is very funny, but I am deadly serious. We’re in deep trouble as a species; it’s too late to fix it, so get ready.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish before the end of the world? Any lofty theatrical goals, like world domination for Dandi Productions?

A: I’m pretty happy about life, all in all, and I’m certainly no saviour, but why oh why are we sooo bad about taking care of the world and each other? So, I hope to plant a meme that spreads worldwide that encourages us to do better…or DIE.

Q: Have you converted any audience members to worrying about the end of the world after seeing your play?

A: Many. Very few leave unaffected. Angry, maybe, depressed almost certainly. The show forces you to ask yourself: when the shit hits the fan, do I look after myself, or others? Strangely enough, it’s an uncomfortable question.

Q: Do you have any hints as to how the world will end? How should we prepare?

A: The show is chock-a-block with survival hints. You gotta know WHEN to flee, WHERE to flee and WHAT to flee.

Q: Will coming to see your show help us to prepare?

A: Big time.

Q: What are you most excited about when it comes to staging/performing DOOM 2012 in Toronto at SummerWorks?

A: Well, I know how scared Calgary audiences got, so let’s see if the big city folk are any more or less resilient. I approach this show as much scientist as performer… I end up with scientific, verifiable mathematical results. That’s gold to a statistics fetishist.

1 thought on “DOOM 2012: WHEN WILL YOU FLEE?, by Doug McKeag

  1. Is there a calender of your up coming show’s beside the 1 you have in Vernon B.C..? We can’t seem to make it when your in town that night.
    We are interested in your play and would really like to see it…

    Byron & Sherrilee

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