Saturday, August 9th, brings us The Two Koreas and Gentleman Reg.

The Two Koreas

The Two Koreas are one of my new favourite bands that I’ve never seen live. Their new E.P. “Sessions EP” is fantastic. They are (self-dubbed) Toronto’s preeminent practitioners of jangular electric beat muzik. I’m not sure what that means, but, I think they may be right. (which is also why I like them)

Click here to listen to Withering Heights, by The Two Koreas


Gentleman Reg

Gentleman Reg is the newest member of the Arts and Crafts Label (see Broken Social Scene, Feist, Stars, etc). It’s not difficult to see why. His song writing and presence is both at once gentle while equally, and sometime alarmingly provocative. His new album is coming, and advance buzz is that it’s marvelous.

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