Les Personnes – Michael Rubenfeld


First, let me qualify this by saying I didn’t choose to leave myself last. I actually did not even plan to post a profile for me. Until recently, at a staff meeting, I was encouraged to do so. And that seemed to make sense. That’s not to say that I don’t also love attention. So. Okay!

Michael Rubenfeld (pre-surgery)

1. Who are you?

Michael Rubenfeld, Artistic Producer

2. Why are you doing here?

At some point during last year’s festival I had the thought “I’d really like to run SummerWorks”. A few months later, the job was up for grabs. Co-Incidence? According to the Jewish God, there are no co-incidences (I made that up). To be honest, and perhaps sentimental, I am here because I believe in this festival and how it is helping to develop and define culture. I believe the theatre can and should help lead our cultural landscape (i hate that word) rather than try and just fit in. I’m also here because I’d like theatre to be a little more rock n roll (that’s a metaphor. I will not turn the festival into a rock concert. I promise).

3. What do you hope for the festival.

That it will evolve into an entity. An infrastructure that will play an active role in the community during the festival and all year long. That is will be a leader. That is will remain current. That it will set trends rather than follow them. That it will risk. That it will make a ton of cash and turn everyone in the theatre into multi-millionaires. That it will cure cancer. That it will be elected for President of Canada. That it will get the Canadian Government to start electing Presidents just to be able to appoint the SummerWorks Theatre Festival as the President of Canada. That’s right. President. PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!

4. What are you most interested in.

Hot playwrights and wide asses. I also like theatre. And music. And my mom.

5. What are you worried about?

That I will single-handedly destroy our beloved theatre festival and have to take a running jump.

6. Any final words?

I’m not in this to be right or cool. I am here because I believe in the value of theatre. I really do. It’s changed my life and all of our lives. I believe that we’re all here to try and make the world a better place, and we’ve chosen theatre as our vehicle. I’m here to try and strengthen our collective ability to do that. Do I think theatre changes the world? I think that waking up in the morning changes the world. Theatre is our contribution.  This is mine.

Alright, fine … and I want to be cool … just a little.

And right.


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