Les Personnes – Ron Koperdraad

Say hello to our volunteer co-ordinator, Ron.



Ron is not only the co-ordinator, he is also our resident straight man. I don’t mean Straight, like NOT-Gay. I mean, like, he’s got the appearance of being a straight-arrow. Orderly. Together. Etc. But it’s all a rouse. All of it. He’s a mad man. Absolutely crazy. Like greyhound bus crazy. So, like, don’t cross the guy, or he may take one of your shifts away … or, y’know, cut your head off and eat you.

No, in all seriousness–he works everywhere, and to have him here means we are worthy. Ron makes us worthy. Thanks Ron!

1. Who are you?
Ron Koperdraad, Volunteer Coordinator

2. Why are you doing here?
Showing volunteers the love!

3. What do you hope for the festival.
Fun for all. And world peace.

4. What are you most interested in.
The Music Series, and seeing how much theatre-goers can rock, after an evening of shows.

5. What are you worried about?
Missing volunteers. Tardy volunteers. Disinterested volunteers. Disappointed volunteers. Whiny volunteers. Is that too many things? Was I supposed to limit it to one?

6. Any final words?
Michael Rubenfeld is doing wonderful things with this festival and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. And all the volunteers should be just as excited about it too!

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