One of the great things about this inaugural Music Series, asides from its top notch, locally flavoured line-up, is the combination of up-and-coming new acts (like Young Rival, or Will Curry & the Country French) and seasoned veterans (like Bob Wiseman, or Rock Plaza Central)

Peter Elkas definitely belongs in the latter category.

Peter Elkas (photo by David Topping)

Peter Elkas (photo by David Topping)

Peter spent the entirety of the 90s as the co-frontman for the Montreal based band Local Rabbits. Along with their labelmates on Halifax-based Murderecords (Sloan, The Superfriendz, Thrush Hermit, etc.), the Rabbits helped pave the way for a surge in popularity for alternative Canadian bands; the domestic success of Canada’s late 90s alternative outfits laid the groundwork for the current strong international profile of Canadian indie acts.

Since the Local Rabbits’ dissolution in 2002, Elkas has made Toronto his home, gigging frequently, and recording his solo material locally. For his most recent album, 2007’s “Wall of Fire“, he assembled a top notch backing band (“the Elkaholics”) and recorded with Charlie Sexton (who’s previously produced records with Lucinda Williams and Edie Brickell). He’s been touring the new album since, playing with artists like Jason Collett and Joel Plaskett.

While Julie Fader hasn’t been criss-crossing Canada for quite as long as Peter, she’s done so with an impressive roster of Canadian artists, including Sarah Harmer, The Great Lake Swimmers, Brian Borchedt, and Chad VanGaalen.

Julie Fader

Julie Fader

A multi-instrumentalist and multi-disciplinary artist (she paints, too), Julie’s shows in T.O. have included participating in Jenny Whitely’s holiday show, and the Rumoli Bro’s “Get it to Go Green” fundraiser. And while Julie alone should be enough of a draw, she’ll be accompanied at the Theatre Centre on Tuesday August 12th by members of Cuff the Duke, A Northern Chorus, and the Sarah Harmer band


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