The Fish (Steve Fisher) weighs in our Wednesday Music Series.


When asked to play a Jesus and Mary Chain tribute show at the Silver Dollar, Pete Carmichael (whose previous band Another Blue Door was unavailable) brought together a diverse group of musicians and friends to form what would become The Diableros.

Using the J & M C’s crunchy wall of guitar sound as a launching point, and building on that by utilizing such elements as a vintage farfisa organ and Carmichael’s throbbing vocals, the Diableros released “You Can’t Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts” to universal acclaim in late 2006; the sort of press the album generated was reminiscent of how The Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade had burst onto the music scene.

Fast forward a year and a half later, and we find that, though the band’s roster has changed considerably, and the hyperbole has died down a bit (that constant harsh glare of attention can wreck a band – witness The Strokes and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), the Diableros are continuing to refine their sound and work on being a killer live band; in that regard, their career trajectory mirrors that of Wilco, an outfit Carmichael has said in interviews that he greatly admires.

In my last blog post, I referred to Murderecords, and how Peter Elkas‘ former band Local Rabbits had been one of a group of bands on that label (created by Sloan) that had helped make Murderecords one of the most successful Canadian indie labels of the ’90s. Well, in 2003, Sloan reduced the number of bands on Murderecords to just one (themselves), and it’s only recently that they’ve started signing other acts to the label again.

Will Currie & the Country French are, along with Toronto’s Pony Da Look, the first acts signed for the relaunch of Murderrecords as a full rostered label, and it looks like the guys from Sloan have made a very smart move in banking on these six young Wilfred Laurier music grads. Their first album on the label, “A Great One”, is packed with short, poppy gems, like their current single “Surprising Me”, which was iTunes‘ single of the week back in May.

All in all, I think these two bands paired together are going to make for a very spirited night of rock n’ roll on Wednesday August 13th.

(I’d like to also note that the Fish is a huge Diableros fan … which is also a good reason to go. he only like the best music in town. seriously. have you heard his mixes?)


  1. Michael has indeed “outed” me; I’m on record as having named The Diableros’ “You Can’t Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts” as my favourite record of 2006.

    There goes my feigned journalistic objectiveness.

    Just wait until you read how I gush over The Rural Alberta Advantage (I even sing counterpoint harmonies at their shows)!

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