DUST, by Jason Maghanoy

Colin Doyle, from A Soldier’s Story, interview Jason Maghanoy of


Written and Directed by Jason Maghanoy

Presented by JSquared Productions
Featuring Brandon Coffey, Jess Moss

“Today I sewed up the hands of a prisoner… hands cut up by barbed wire. He thanked me. And that felt good.” Abu Ghraib Prison. Jenny works in the office. Jonathan is a prison guard. They meet. They fall in love.

What’s with all the NTS grads in Summerworks this year?

I have no idea. It really isn’t that great a school ☺.

Who are the top 3 artists you want to work with in the city?

I’d like Nina Lee Aquino to direct one of my plays.
I want to write a solo show for my buddy Shannon Kook-Chun (watch out for this guy).
And you of course.

Any tips on how to start to write a play?

Nope. I don’t even know how I start writing my own.

Best advice you received as an artist?

From Bryden MacDonald talking about one of my characters: “That’s not the character’s voice… that’s Asian Poet Guy.” I had to leave Asian Poet Guy behind to write better plays I guess. Though he pops up now and then… and man is he a sick writer.

Worst advice you received as an artist?

I get bad advice all the time.

What inspired you to create this piece? What’s it about?

I like plays that are about the world and shit. It was originally my 10 minute solo show at NTS, but then it got picked up by CrossCurrents during my third year and during its first workshop at the Factory Ken Gass was like: “it’s great, but it’s not an evening.” And I said: “Hire me an actress.” So they did. And I turned it into a love story. Cause man I really love love. Great emotion. Just great. Basically, “dust” is a love story set in Abu Ghraib prison. It’s sweet and lovely and terrifying and sad and the acting in it is some of the best I’ve seen in a while. How’s that for a plug ☺.

Besides DUST, do you have any other allergies?

You should check out our website at http://jsquaredtheatre.blogspot.com

What’s the show about and who are you playing with?

The tagline of my show is: “It’s just love…” So I think it’s about that. There are two actors in it: Brandon Coffey and Jessica Moss. Both NTS kids. Both doing some very dangerous and lovely work.

Who wins in a fight Batman or Iron Man and why?

Iron Man because of the suit. I mean. It’s a sick suit. And because Batman is just some dude in a costume. I loved that about The Dark Knight… watching Commissioner Gordon and Batman just seem completely overwhelmed while Joker terrorized the city… I love how Batman is a superhero who’s not that super, who can’t enter a room and kick everyone’s ass. He ain’t Blade entering a club full of vampires and killing all of them you know? If Batman entered that club of vampires I’d be like, “oh shit, them vampires are gonna eat batman.”

Tango, Waltz or Ragtime, which of these 3 dances would you choose to win the heart of a woman?

I popped and locked my way into my girlfriend’s heart.

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