For any and all who have written a play that was in Sears.  And who hasn’t been in Sears if you were in theatre in high-school in Ontario?  I was.

I have the submission form if you want it, so send me an email at

For Immediate Release



Playwrights Canada Press, Sears Ontario Drama Festival and Carousel Players have combined resources to create a new one-act anthology of original Canadian plays written by students and/or teachers that appeared at the Sears Ontario Drama Festival. Writers whose work has been produced at one of the many district festivals of the Sears Ontario Drama Festival from 2000 to 2009 are invited to submit their scripts to be a part of this new one-act play anthology. The deadline for submissions is May 1, 2009. The final anthology will be available at Sears Ontario Drama Festival Provincial Showcase at Brantford’s Sanderson Centre from May 11-14, 2010.

“It’s inspiring to see the many student written shows that are showcased each year at Sears and this new anthology will help to celebrate the talents of student and teachers who are part of our festival,” said Wayne Fairhead, Executive Director of Sears Ontario Drama Festival. “Jane Gardner, General Manager of Carousel Players and I will assemble a selection panel team, coordinate the submission process and make final selections. Writers will be advised by September 30, 2009 if their one-act play has been accepted for publication.” The collection will include a minimum of 6 one-act plays anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes in length that will be published and distributed by Playwrights Canada Press.

What began as a little “Drama Fiesta” with three plays in 1946 has evolved into one of the longest running cultural traditions in Canada and one of the largest student festivals in the world. Annually the Sears Ontario Drama Festival attracts the participation of approximately 12,000 students and their teachers, representing more than 300 schools across Ontario. Alumni of the Festival are now
contributing members of the Canadian work- force in many professions. Some former “grads” in the performing arts include Yanna McIntosh, David Cronenberg, Franco Boni, Sky Gilbert, Margot Kidder, Rachel McAdams, Helen Shaver, Sonja Smits and R.H.Thomson.


  • Scripts must be one-act plays in English or French and 15 minutes to 50 minutes in length.
  • The Work must include a minimum of 2 characters.
  • Submitted material should be suitable for adults and/or high school students.
  • The one-act play must have been produced at one of the district festivals of the Sears Ontario Drama Festival anytime between 2000 to 2009.
  • Only submissions that include a completed submission form with production history of the play will be considered. This includes the names of the playwright and director, the school that produced the play, the year and the location of the district festival where the play was originally produced and the name of the staff advisor. If you can provide a copy of the original program with names of the artistic team, actors and volunteers, please send with your submission.


  • Please submit 4 copies of script. There are no entry fees.
  • Complete one copy of the submission form with production history as noted above and include your complete mailing address, including email address if one is available. Only one copy of this form is required.
  • Complete scripts must be typewritten or word-processed and printed on 8 ½” x 11″ paper. Pages should be numbered sequentially.
  • If you wish your one-act play returned should it not be accepted for publication, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage attached.
  • If you wish acknowledgement that your one-act play has been received, send a stamped, self-addressed postcard, which will be mailed back to you once the one-act play is received.
  • Deliver or mail your submission to the address below before May 1, 2009. Do not submit your script electronically or by fax.
  • Submit one-act plays to: Jane Gardner, 210 Vine Street, St. Catharines, ON L2M 4S8


  1. Hello Web Master:

    As I was using my Keywords on Google Blogs your SEARS ONTARIO DRAMA FESTIVAL popped up and noticed that you are requesting submission plays. It appears to me that if was linked to your SEARS ONTARIO DRAMA FESTIVAL it would further broaden your audience appeal.

    Although “The Return of Love ~ The Return of Sex”, a new and unique one act is a free download there is a Royalty Payment for each performance run of $200.00 Cdn funds with an interesting feature that 5% of the box office receipts go to a charity of choice.

    It is intended as an annual Global Salute to Amateur Dramatic Societies.

    Author Mur Meadows is native to Vancouver Island BC.

    To further support the SEARS ONTARIO DRAMA FESTIVAL and please let us link your site.

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