My date with DD/MM/YYYY by Carmel Garvez

Welcome to the first post from our music intern, Carmel Garvel!



Carmel has just finished high school and has joined us to cover some of the music this year.  When I asked Carmel to introduce herself, this is what she had to say

“I’m not really sure what to say!
I’m 18 and I am a full-fledged environmentalist. I probably listen to way too much music for my own good, and I like catching good bands live.


My date with DD/MM/YYYY
by Carmel Garvez

We sat and had lunch with Matt King and Moshé Rozenberg from DD/MM/YYYY and their friend Jeremy at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky in the heart of Kensington Market.

left to right: Carmel, Moshé, Jeremy, Matt

left to right: Carmel, Moshé, Jeremy, Matt

The Toronto quintet has been labelled to have a “No Style Style.” But in between talks about super industrial Velcro and killer bees and professing their love for olives, Matt and Moshé get deep when it comes to discussing their far from conventional music.

Moshé: It’s definitely not like we make it a point to [be different]. It has something to do with the kind of music we listen to. It just really varies…

Matt: I’ve been playing music since I was thirteen, and I’m twenty-seven now, so that’s fourteen years I’ve been playing the guitar and writing music. If I was still writing four-chord rock n roll, it’s kind of like doing a disservice to myself. It’s like you’re halting your progression in your craft or whatever you’re making. I think we’ve all tried to make it a point to really challenge ourselves physically and intellectually.

Moshé: You want to keep learning. You don’t ever just want to be like the ones who just want to go back to when things were good. You don’t want to stunt your growth. And when you have a band full of five people who are thinking like that, they’re going to help you improve. And you’re going to help them improve, and you come up with something new.

Matt: At least keep yourself interested and stimulated, and let things change and grow naturally. I think that’s just what’s happened with DD/MM/YYYY.

Moshé: I definitely would never want to make a point to play weird music.

Matt: Yeah, we’re not trying to freak people out! It’s the music that we love to play. It’s the music that we just happen to write. It’s incidental in that way. We just let it flow, but we obviously edit ourselves.

DD/MM/YYYY is essentially a collective of different creative means. Despite being a full-time band, when they’re not cooking up music together, each member has his own side-project to tend to.
Matt, who is also an artist, just recently installed his dollar “comedy art” at Gallery 1313 in Parkdale, and Moshé has his own record label.

Moshé: We want to be this hub of people. We come together, but then when we move apart, we do all these crazy things. But we come together again.

Matt King's "comedy art" at Gallery 1313

Matt King's "comedy art" at Gallery 131

Matt: In some ways, it’s our laissez-faire approach to letting things happen. But at the same time, we all have that ambition to make this band the best band that we possibly can. And that means practicing as much as we can, going on tour, and sharing the music with people.

So, what does this tell us about the future of DD/MM/YYYY?

Matt: We hope to eventually be able to work even harder and support ourselves by doing it. That’s not the be-all end-all goal, but there’s no end to learning and progressing in terms of how you write music. So, if we could do that all the time, it would be fucking amazing.







3 thoughts on “My date with DD/MM/YYYY by Carmel Garvez

  1. Thanks for the article! I love how no one really knows how to describe DD/MM/YYYY and how they wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward to seeing these guys live!

  2. Kudos to humanizing DD/MM/YY through your lovely and humorous photos. Their music is definitely unique and I admire how this article emphasizes that their music is natural and just seems to pour out from themselves. These guys must be some characters, especially if velcro, killer bees and olives come into play. Hope to see them live soon.

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