by Carmel Garvez


Miracle Fortress came into fruition when Think About Life co-founder Graham Van Pelt decided to write and record a solo project that would favour his love of arrangements. But it isn’t always a one-man band. On stage, Sunset Rubdown’s Jordan Robson-Cramer, Telefauna’s Adam Waito, and SS Cardiacs’ Jessie Stein join Van Pelt to form a full band.

Five Roses, released in 2007, have been hailing praises by critics everywhere and was subject to a lot of blog-love. And rightfully so.

The record in its entirety is a fusion of “happy accidents” as most of the songs are based on sampling. Heavily influenced by The Beatles and The Beach Boys, Van Pelt has successfully attained the euphoria and romance that are infused with the sounds of the aforementioned.

You know when you fall in love, you get excited and your heart races, and there’s butterflies in your stomach. If such feelings were warranting a soundtrack, Five Roses would suit it perfectly.
My guess is if everybody listened to Miracle Fortress enough, World Peace might actually happen!

Catch Miracle Fortress with Karkwa, Thursday, Aug 6th at the Theatre Centre. Van Pelt will also re-appear in Think About Life with DD/MM/YYYY the next day – Friday, Aug 7th.  advance @ rotate this, soundscapes,, 416.504.7529


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