The Indie Caucus Town Hall #3

The Indie Caucus invites any and all interested parties to:

The Indie Caucus Town Hall #3

Indie Caucus Candidates Revealed!

WHEN:  Thursday August 13th, 7:00pm

WHERE:  The Theatre Centre  (there will be signs on the door for the exact

This is the first Town Hall since the historic 96-1 vote at the CAEA 2009
AGM to better represent the needs of member/creators.

This Town Hall is being held during the SummerWorks Festival at The Theatre
Centre to reach as many independent theatre creators as possible with the
latest exciting developments in how professional associations are adapting
to modern creation practices.

This Town Hall will present:

The names of the two indie caucus candidates who will be running for CAEA
Council and the two candidates who will be running for CAEA Ontario CPAG in
this fall’s CAEA election. Some of them will also be present at the meeting to announce:

– Their platforms.

– What the heck a CPAG is.

– Important information regarding why the ITA agreement has just been extended
for a single year.

– Equally important information about a new Fringe/SummerWorks Contract that is currently being drafted by CAEA.

– An update on what steps CAEA has made to fulfill the mandate set forth in the 96-1 vote for reform at the previous AGM.

– This is a key moment in how the agreements we use to make art together will develop over the next decade.

Come learn more this week and save yourself ten years of banging your head on the wall.

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