Chapter the First: The Revolution will not be Soliloquized

So Dr. Bloggy McBloggerstein, I guess you can consider this our first date.  I would be a bit nervous however the wine is really helping me with that. But yes, for the sake of honesty and all its policies,  this is my first ever blog post anywhere.    I mean I’ve read blogs before and know people who blog and I’ve thought a lot about blogging and can say blog without mocking (most of the time) but I’ve never actually fully blogged.  So I guess I hereby present you with my cyber-cherry.

I guess I have avoided blogging because it seems as revolutionary as updating your Facebook status these days.  And occasionally in my modest moments I have thought why would I blog?  Whom am I?  What ever would I have to say to the world of blog readers?  And then I remembered the blog credo (which I just made up now) which is; The internet is a utopian circle-jerk with room for every asshole with an opinion so viva la WordPress!!!

I am an asshole with an opinion which knows no bounds but for this here blog we will discuss theatre with everyone (artist or not, “expert” or not) because I do love it and I do love to hate it and that’s what it needs (and secretly wants) sometimes.

Nope not going to indulge here in reviews or critiques of specific shows.  I will save that for the assholes with paid newspaper columns and mostly undeserved power.  For 2010, my resolution is to incite more  no-holds barred conversations about theatre via blog or via beer tent.  I hate talking to myself.  I feel crazy enough most of the time anyway.

But seriously fuck resolutions.  If want to smoke, smoke.  If you want to eat, eat.  We need a revolution of human evolution. All beat poetry aside, we have honestly stopped evolving as a society and I blame our love of bleeping things.  Our technology has literally retarded our ability to engage in live humanity and seeing this seep into the arts community makes me cry.  Stop participating in ridiculous Facebook quizzes and stop writing plays about Facebook (okay that actually hasn’t happened yet but you see where I am going with this) and create art that hurts the brain (good) and not the soul (bad).

My children – Go make art that you don’t have to plug in!

Let the games begin….

Where will we go from here?  Only the wine knows.

Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go see a play with someone who has never seen a play before…Perhaps at the Next Stage Festival?

Happy New Year

Inappropriate hugs and kisses,



2 thoughts on “Chapter the First: The Revolution will not be Soliloquized

  1. Well, hello Lindy. Welcome to the big ol’ virtual theatrical beer tent. Good start to a revolution, I’d say. What shall we talk about?

    I love that idea, by the way, the one about taking a virgin to a play – it should be a mandatory minimum for every theatre artist invested in the future of the form to find one great (ok, good) play a month and drag an uninitiated citizen to it on their dime.

    Or at least write a blog post about one. Hold on, I’ve got to get another beer…

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