Chapter the third: The Revolution doesn’t necessarily have to be immunized.

Well Mr. Weisbloggenberg, I feel like I should come clean or come out or whatever the term is for when you are about to reveal an enormous secret that may cause shock, tears and loss of control of bodily functions to all whose ears must bear this secret.

Here it is.

Due to my renowned sarcastic skills, continually honed listening skills and general tolerance for all things (and by things I mean people) crazy, I am a sounding board for all distress in the theatre community.  Yes I might be severely exaggerating on all counts but nonetheless let’s pretend I am not and then let’s further pretend that this distress came in the form of a letter addressed to me because I am the bearer of amazing advice…maybe I am still skipping down the road of exaggeration and pretending but you can’t stop me!!!!

Dear L-Zuck (would be my rapper name if I was one)

I am a theatre artist with honed skills due to expensive training with some name-drop worthy people yet I feel that because I haven’t visited some remote island in the south pacific and taught improv games to over-evolved lemurs with some c-list celebrity, no one in Toronto will take me seriously enough to see my shows or hire me to fetch them coffee.  Am I doomed?

Sincerely yours,   Blubbering over Boring Bio

Dear BoBB

You  bring up an interesting obsession we have in our wee little community and that is our love of credentials almost to the point that I forget we are artists and not investment bankers (and now look at how great trusting those credentials turned out). We love to read our playbill filled with bios so that we know to what degree we should withhold initial judgement as the lights go down. (“oh look so and so had a part on queer as folk.  I guess we should open our hearts and minds to his portrayal of Hamlet”)

I think that continued training and education is fantastic regardless of how far you have to go to get it (Barrie or the lost city of Atlantis)

Old Timey Mailbox

but I feel this should be done to give you further perspective not bragging rights.  The same goes for world travel which I think everyone should do regardless of whether it’s for a workshop or simply to have coffee in a different atmosphere.  However the training and the travel don’t necessarily broaden everyone’s horizons as some people can never escape being stuck up their own ass.

So BoBB I say let your art speak for itself and eventually people will stop scanning your bio and listen because they will realize that they are missing something…..but BoBB as I always say, make sure your art is actually worth paying attention to.


L to the Z (my stripper name for when I finally become one)

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