Hello world,

Dan Daley here and this is my first kick at the bucket. I will be posting on a regular basis from here on out. Look for my post every Thursday… or not, cause you know there’s plenty of other stuff you can stare at on a Thursday night, hey I just finished watching porn so…

To begin: I will attempt to bring up specific issues related to the Canadian arts community. Even if it appears that a post is unrelated to the Canadian arts community, it still connects somehow… have faith. Can people comment on this thing? I hope so, this better not be a one-way street.

An occurrence:

This evening as I cut through Nathan Philips Square I encountered a tattered and broken man. He stumbled toward me and asked if I could give him a hand. I asked him what I could do for him. He then explains to me that he’s just been let out of the Don Jail and needs to get a bus to the Chippewas of Rama First Nations reserve and reminds me that this is where Casino Rama is, as though that might ring a bell for me, which it obviously does, I was just sad that he had to use this as a landmark. He then proceeded to show me his boxers in proof that they were Don Jail boxers, that in fact he just stepped out of jail. He was really jumpy and appeared afraid that I might tell him off or freak out. Yes I was alone with this guy in an isolated part of the square where really anything could go down, but why would this guy do anything to me? He could be lying, or he could really need some help. He then explained to me that a bus would cost him $11.00… (I’ll stop there)

What would you do? Would you have even stopped to talk?



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