This evening I went to the opening night of the Rhubarb Theatre Festival at Buddies. It was a grand spectacle of wonderful proportions. Probably one of the most critical hubs for new emerging artists to take risks and to showcase their work. Certainly none failed to impress this evening. In an ultra hipster atmosphere thanks to the aesthetic styling of Erika Hennebury and Alex Wolfson, the festival has a very cool vibe to it. Like how can you go wrong when you finish the night off with some Voguing by House of Monroe, like comon! Oh and there was cake in the shape of Jess Dobkin’s head and probably my favourite thing ever is cake and beer. If you haven’t mixed these two, then you must try it, just be prepared to pass out in a heap of sugarlicious-overdose heaven (which is the state I’m in as I write this, so forgive me if this post seems crazed). Unfortunately I couldn’t convince Lindsey Clark on just how amazing this combo is. Speaking of Lindsey be sure to catch her performances in 2 pieces happening at Rhubarb across the next two weeks.

Having had a wee taste of Rhubarb (and believe me I’ll be going back for more), I now look towards the summer and I think of just how hip SummerWorks is. It’s not hip in the same way, it’s hip in a Michael Rubenfeld way, kind of nerdy, a lot of hair and glasses, good music if not impressive music and even more stellar theatre to witness. SummerWorks is like the big league of all things indie. How it maintains this balance I do not know, but it’s one to be admired. It just needs something related to food, like rhubarb, but even cooler, like cucumbers or lemons. No… maybe a cherry or something crazy like a dragon fruit. Hmmm I’ll have to sit on this one, I mean not sit on, but stew on this in my marketing brain.

Oh and don’t miss Summerworks blogger extraordinaire Lindy Zucker, she is also in a piece at Rhubarb this week, (she speaks Italian really well and is…awsome!)

More info:
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre


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