Chapter the Sixth: The Revolution must not be *@$#!?* esoteric!

A recent “happening” that I witnessed has triggered an issue that has been on my mind for quite a while so while the tequila from last night is still coursing through my veins… (cast party…sue me)

Dear Bloggy, it’s time for another Dear letter because my mom always taught me to write letters when you are angry. Of course, she is usually angry at something on TV (i.e the plot twist of one of her shows or the change in scheduling of one of her shows) and she hasn’t figured out twitter yet.


Dear You know who you are.

I saw your play and I didn’t get it. Your friends were laughing. I guess you had explained it to them earlier over coffee or beer or shooting up but I had no idea what was so funny and I am pretty sure I have some sense of humour. I would have loved to be in on the joke as it would have made the show more enjoyable to watch it from that place of “in the know” as opposed to where I was sitting which was “in the irritated”. I am neither stupid nor humourless but I felt both watching your play and I use the term play very very very loosely. I understand the desire to make ones friends laugh. I work very hard sometimes to make my friends laugh but when I am on stage I like to make sure that everyone is experiencing the joke (or something theatrical) not just the people who know me beyond the fourth wall. Alienation is best left to Brecht who had a point at least. Please remain in your living room if you wish to only entertain your “people” as you are wasting everyone’s time by taking up stage space which is quite precious in our city.

Thank you

Well bloggy, I feel better now although still hungover..oh well sue me

xo Uncle Lindy

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