Chapter the Ninth: Revolutions in Revelations.

Dear Dr. Blog

Over the past year I have been asked (and accepted) to serve on many many festival juries and as such I have read many many new scripts/proposals for supposed theatrical innovation/endless sentences trying to pass for philosophical dialogue etc…and everything else in all shades of good and bad.  I have enjoyed being part of these juries for the most part because I am ever curious as to what sorts of ideas are out there in the theatre world, beyond my periphery or direct circle of theatre peers.

However, being on so many juries has kept me up many late nights questioning the idea of artistic judgment (Okay not really that late.  There is very little I lose sleep over any more…I love sleep) and the somewhat subjectively arbitrary basis for such judgment.  I mean, while I have accumulated a respectable amount of theatrical training, seen a significant amount of theatre, on top of performing in a buffet of styles, I am really judging based on my own taste.  Theatre is not science.  I either like it or I don’t and many have probably suffered from my “tyranny” but I am not a lone despot.

As we get closer and closer to summer aka festival season, I challenge you to display your bad reviews just as proudly as your good reviews because we all need to remove a bit of the power from those who judge our art and hamper whatever inspiration may grow out of this scene.

Off with my head!


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