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These days I blame everything on my allergies.

How could I not when I wake up every morning to another day of full body Itching, g-force sneezing, Aerius induced depression, a general lack of energy that can only be described as fatigue/exhaustion/lethargy (yes I do require all 3 words)?   These symptoms do fluctuate with the various “homeopathic” concoctions I mix every morning (a dash of stinging nettle, some Gingko Biloba, no name pellets and half a Claritin for flavour) but what seems to be unwaveringly clinging to me lately, aside from itchy eyes and insanity, is artistic apathy.  I seem to lack the will to engage in anything remotely theatrical which is ill timed considering that the city seems to be offering quite a slew of lovely theatrical morsels* these days for a change.  I, on the other hand, keeping daydreaming of getting on a plane and leaving town for a few months.  Ay there’s the rub…theatre doesn’t pay me enough to leave.  I am now pointing a finger in my own face and maniacally laughing.

I will drag myself to all these shows because I know that once I am there I will be happy.  I will force myself to keep up with “the scene”.  I will will myself to ponder artistic things because I can’t help it no matter how cranky I feel but really I just want to find time to see the allusive cherry blossoms in High Park before they die.

Ok…this is not High Park but it is cool.

And here are the morsels:

1)  If We Were Birds by Erin Shields (my personally favourite show from SummerWorks 2008 – if you haven’t seen it yet GO) Tarragon Theatre, until May 23rd

2) This is what happens next by Daniel MacIvor, (I don’t know about you but Mr. MacIvor is on my list of “people I would watch read the phonebook”) Necessary Angel at Canstage, Berkeley until May 8th

3) Canstage festival of ideas and Creations May 10-22

xoUncle Lindy

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