Wha happen’d?

So here’s the deal with what happened to the Performance Gallery at SummerWorks. It’s no longer the Performance Gallery, but instead we’re creating something even  more spectacular that, at present, we’re dubbing the “Performance Pavilion”. This is all going to be going down at the Lower Ossington Theatre: kind of like a hub for the Festival.  I can’t say too much about the specifics, but I can give you a sense of what to expect.

On one floor alone of the LOT you will be able to experience interactive art installations along with games and regular art happenings, created by designers and facilitated by a team of artists. In addition to this our Music Series (which use to be at the Theatre Centre) will be in the LOT Theatre space itself, every night, a different band. On the ground level below the theatre, we’re making use of a new space where you can witness a nightly cabaret series. We already have some stellar artists lined up each night of the Festival to hit the cabaret stage.

It’s unfortunate to see the Performance Gallery go, but we’re not letting this get us down. We’re continuing to bring in more artists into new and exciting environments that we expect will continue to evolve over time.

There will be plenty more info to come soon, but you’ll just have to wait and see!



this Festival is getting some legs!

Things are beginning to take off here at SummerWorks. Tomorrow is the All-Company Meeting where everyone will get to meet in person for the first time this year. We will be distributing the Festival schedule, venue assignments and technical packages. It’s quite a task keeping track of each company, but its nice to know everyone is working to make this Festival as strong as it can be.

The shows we have on board this year are very exciting as they represent a vast array of Canadian artists from across this country. It’s also nice to see a mix of younger emerging artists side by side with more established pros.

There’s also a ton of ancillary programming to go along with this year’s fest. We have some amazing artists on board to create, manage and facilitate these new initiatives which I think are fitting given that this makes 20 years of operation for SummerWorks.

So keep your eyes and ears peeled cause lots of new stuff will be announced soon.

If you want a sneak preview you better check out our launch party on June 5th at the Lower Ossington. This is going to be a sexy night with some hot theatre and music artists!


Dearest Bloggy

I know I have been neglecting you.  I have actually been neglecting theatre in general.  Neglected some shows.  Neglected to attend the Harold Awards etc..  No really reason for this, just more intrigued by other things these days.  (A.D.D plus bright shiny objects…)

Anyway, I did attend a plethora of shows this week and while I did enjoy them all (really, truly),  I did feel the “neglect karma” come back to me threefold.  For example, sitting in the last row of the balcony at Canstage, I felt like the theatre really neglected to realize that nobody should have to watch anything from these truly ridiculous seats and that I felt about as involved in the show as if I had been watching it from across the street through binoculars….and so the theatre world and I continue our dance of pissing each other off.

And that’s why sometimes beer picnics in the park are more enticing than musing in the dark.


Lots to see and do!

An exciting project that you must go see is Volcano Theatre’s Africa Trilogy, to be presented at Luminato June 10 – 20. This is a comprehensive project examining the relationship between Africa and the West from three different points of view.

What is really moving about this project is that its development extends far beyond the primary 3  playwrights and 3 directors at its creative core. It has undergone numerous workshop stages since its launch back in 2007. By today it has drawn upon the resources of artists and companies across nearly every continent making it not just Volcano’s show but a show by many voices: a total of 11 performers in all and numerous designers & producers.  The sense of community around putting this thing on its feet is really unique and I believe stands as a model for creative development.

There will even be a two day workshop on June 19th & 20th entitled inForming Content in which young artists will gather to discuss the nature of ethics with post-graduate students  from the Centre for Ethics  at UofT. The lectures given by these experts will act  as a jumping off point for the participants to create small performances all within 48 hours. I’m thrilled to say that I will be one of these participants.

If you want to keep up with the community surrounding this project, from wordpress to  wordpress, visit:


The content of this blog is stellar.

’til next time,



Two reasonably priced rehearsal spaces in this crazy city.

1) Fixtpoint Theatre

1550 Queen Street West in Parkdale.  400 square feet.  fridge, table, chairs, mats, sound system.  $12/hour for Fringe and SummerWorks artists.  minimum 4 hour blocks. past companies in the studio: TheatreRUN, East of Reason Theatre, Ahuri Theatre, The Orange Company, Absit Omen Theatre, Evalyn Parry, Cow Over Moon and many more…  contact lisa@fixtpoint.com.  now booking for spring 2010.

2) The SPACE

Approx 1000 sq feet of studio space for rent with lots of natural light, bathrooms, sound system, great floors and more in Bloor West Village.  Steps from the Jane Subway Station.  Perfect for rehearsals, workshops, classes and individuals.  Affordable hourly rental fees.  Please email or call to inquire about availability. 416-346-0467 thespace@zomageproductions.com