Lots to see and do!

An exciting project that you must go see is Volcano Theatre’s Africa Trilogy, to be presented at Luminato June 10 – 20. This is a comprehensive project examining the relationship between Africa and the West from three different points of view.

What is really moving about this project is that its development extends far beyond the primary 3  playwrights and 3 directors at its creative core. It has undergone numerous workshop stages since its launch back in 2007. By today it has drawn upon the resources of artists and companies across nearly every continent making it not just Volcano’s show but a show by many voices: a total of 11 performers in all and numerous designers & producers.  The sense of community around putting this thing on its feet is really unique and I believe stands as a model for creative development.

There will even be a two day workshop on June 19th & 20th entitled inForming Content in which young artists will gather to discuss the nature of ethics with post-graduate students  from the Centre for Ethics  at UofT. The lectures given by these experts will act  as a jumping off point for the participants to create small performances all within 48 hours. I’m thrilled to say that I will be one of these participants.

If you want to keep up with the community surrounding this project, from wordpress to  wordpress, visit:


The content of this blog is stellar.

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