Dearest Bloggy

I know I have been neglecting you.  I have actually been neglecting theatre in general.  Neglected some shows.  Neglected to attend the Harold Awards etc..  No really reason for this, just more intrigued by other things these days.  (A.D.D plus bright shiny objects…)

Anyway, I did attend a plethora of shows this week and while I did enjoy them all (really, truly),  I did feel the “neglect karma” come back to me threefold.  For example, sitting in the last row of the balcony at Canstage, I felt like the theatre really neglected to realize that nobody should have to watch anything from these truly ridiculous seats and that I felt about as involved in the show as if I had been watching it from across the street through binoculars….and so the theatre world and I continue our dance of pissing each other off.

And that’s why sometimes beer picnics in the park are more enticing than musing in the dark.



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