Wha happen’d?

So here’s the deal with what happened to the Performance Gallery at SummerWorks. It’s no longer the Performance Gallery, but instead we’re creating something even  more spectacular that, at present, we’re dubbing the “Performance Pavilion”. This is all going to be going down at the Lower Ossington Theatre: kind of like a hub for the Festival.  I can’t say too much about the specifics, but I can give you a sense of what to expect.

On one floor alone of the LOT you will be able to experience interactive art installations along with games and regular art happenings, created by designers and facilitated by a team of artists. In addition to this our Music Series (which use to be at the Theatre Centre) will be in the LOT Theatre space itself, every night, a different band. On the ground level below the theatre, we’re making use of a new space where you can witness a nightly cabaret series. We already have some stellar artists lined up each night of the Festival to hit the cabaret stage.

It’s unfortunate to see the Performance Gallery go, but we’re not letting this get us down. We’re continuing to bring in more artists into new and exciting environments that we expect will continue to evolve over time.

There will be plenty more info to come soon, but you’ll just have to wait and see!


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