Introducing the New SummerWorks AWARD

In honour of our 20th Anniversary year, SummerWorks has had specially designed awards built for all award winners. I am very very pleased to introduce our newly designed SummerWorks Award, designed by OCAD student, Chao Gao.

photo: Stephanie Tonietto

This year, every participant who wins an award, on top of their prize listed in the guide, will also receive one of these beautiful, hand-made (by Chao himself) awards.

Many thanks to Doreen Balabanoff and Mary Ann Lee at OCAD for partnering this year with SummerWorks on these.  And a huge thank-you to Chao for this fantastic design and his incredible work on building these for us.

photo: Stephanie Tonietto

photo: Stephanie Tonietto

Three of the awards are currently on display in the glass case outside the Factory Theatre (on Adelaide).

Awards will all be announce at 11:30 on August 15th in the Factory Theatre Coutryard.

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