Musical Works!

Hey friends,

Last night was the first night of our new Musical Works in Concert series!  Romeo Candido’s PRISON DANCER packed packed packed the place.  We had to turn away nearly 50 people.

Tonight is the second night with Joni Loves Mitchell, by Logan Medland.  The cast is the best this country has to offer, with Ted Dykstra, Paul Nolan, Nicole Underhay, Rachel Fischer and Christian Bellsmith.  The night is directed by Tracy Michailidis and Musical Directed by Logan Medland.

Show starts at 10:00.

I can’t tell you how excited it is to have the Lower Ossington Theatre so full and radically different each night.  The Performance Bar has been playing close to capacity so far each night, as has the musica series.  Last night Laura Barrett and Istvan Kantor both put on captivating performance.  Laura enchanted, Istvan terrified.

Tonight, Snowblink, THOMAS and Marcus Jarmin and Daniel Briere’s Everyboy will play the performance bar.

Tomorrow, as part of Musical Works, is Biggish Kids, a song cycle by Bram Gielen.
The Performance Bar hosts Colleen and Pall and BOBLO (Erin Brandenberg and Andrew Penner).

With love,



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