Make Your Own Music Video!

If you haven’t been the incredible playground yet, now’s your chance!

BETWEEN SHOWS, Come to The Playground for a make-your-own-music-video extravaganza! Bring your mp3 player or choose a song from our playlist. Lip sync to win! Manipulate your video backgrounds in real time. Interact with green screen technology. Push buttons. We’ll be there to help… ONE TAKE ONLY, so make it the best 10 minutes you can.


A star-studded, gala screening of the days’ videos. A panel of judges (Jamal Severin-Watson, Jill Holmberg, Serena Lee and Scotty Don’t) will critique and award prizes in several categories including: best dance moves, best videography and much more.

Saturday, August 14th

    11am Scavenger Hunt

      Meet us at The Playground for the Official First Ever SummerWorks West Side Scavenger Hunt. With the Summerworks venues as our borders, we will re-discover the parks, shops and secret treasures of this corner of the city. With prizes for the first team back and the most creative bounty, this is one Hunt you won’t want to miss.

      9pm Dance Class Party

      Aurora Stewart de Pena leads an hour-long shameless pop dance class in The Playground. Deck yourself out in your flashiest dance class dance gear and learn some sweet moves.

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