Paprika Does Double Digits

Paprika Does Double Digits

10th Anniversary Celebration

November 28th

Watch the Trailer!

a collection of work from the past ten years, performed by current

participants, artists, alumni and friends of the Festival

Work by Performances by

Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman

Emily Sugerman

Anthony Furey

Andrew Lamb

Evan Vipond

Damien Atkins

Jonathan Blankenstein

Jajube Mandiela

Johnnie Walker

Judith Thompson

Kanika Ambrose

Julia Lederer

Rong Fu

Marjorie Chan

Rosamund Small

Morgan Norwich

Sara Farb

Susan Coyne

Veronica Tennant

…and many more!

Nina Arsenault: ‎”When I was 10 years old my best friend was a girl who turned out to be a boy. Now that’s hot.” Check out this link:


Tarragon Theatre Mainspace

30 Bridgman Ave. (One block north of Dupont & Bathurst)

Reception at 7pm Performance at 8pm

For tickets, call the Tarragon Box Office at 416.531.1827


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