And The Adventures Begin!

Hello everyone!

First of all, I’m very very very excited to be a part of SummerWorks this summer and I can’t wait for the Festival this August! As someone who is completely new to SummerWorks and have never heard of it until six months ago, I can not believe how much talent and work is actually put into this 11-day extravaganza on Queen West that includes music, plays, and everything else in between. And second of all, HELLO AGAIN! I’m really looking forward to posting on a tri-weekly basis (does that even exist? tri-weekly?) and filling you guys in on my step by step journey with SummerWorks in the next couple of months leading up to the Festival.

Now let’s get down to business…

Here are some important dates for y’all to remember:

SummerWorks is entering it’s 21st year as a Festival and we are having a Launch Party on Saturday June 18th 2011 at the Edward Day Gallery and Museum of Canadian Contemporary Arts. The Launch Party consists of a VIP Dinner, Silent Auction, live music from both present and past participants of the Festival, and a party in the courtyard between the Edward Day Gallery and MOCCA.

Click here if you’re interested in coming to the VIP Dinner or donating to our amazing Launch Party.

The “party” portion of the Launch Party will begin around 9 PM, with a PWYC policy and a suggested minimum of $10. I can already tell you that it’s going to be fabulous and I’ve decided that my friends and I will be purchasing new dresses just for this occassion. So wear your snazziest outfit and come out for a night of fun and drinks!

Other than that, the Festival is scheduled for August 4-14 2011, more updates to come once I know more so I don’t fudge the details for you now!

Keep updated with SummerWorks through our twitter @SummerWorks, and follow us to get in the loop of what’s going on!

Bring an unbrella or don a raincoat today; the weather is disgusting and we should all be staying in and drinking coffee and thinking about the beautiful summer that is coming ahead.


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