On behalf of the SummerWorks team, I would like to thank all the people that attended and contributed their positive and radiant energy to our Launch. It was a wonderful success and we are so grateful.

This is for you guys,
it’s a little bitter sweet
but if I could sing like her
I’d do it, and sing it for everyone
who attended, generously contributed
and spread their light across the SummerWorks walls
(which during the Launch were donated by MOCCA)

Bernadette Peters sings I’ll Be Seeing you remarkably:

Also, this is a cyber standing ovation for the incredible masters of our festival: Michael Rubenfeld (Artistic Director) and Joanna Barrotta (General Manager).

I was right. The Launch was totally worth it. SummerWorks has even more in store for you.

Keep storytelling alive by becoming an audience that can provide critique, thought, compassion, and discussion. Pause without echoes means there was no fist to put down the punctuation (the period, the ellipses). In short, artists require audiences to spread the ripples of their voices, audiences are essential which is why thank yous are important.

Thanks again.

As Bernadette beautifully serenades,
I’ll be seeing you
and so will the wonderful SummerWorks staff and artists as the burgeoning festival arrives in August fully formed.


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