HOOKED, by Carolyn Smart

HOOKED, by Carolyn Smart

Nicky Gaudagni


It’s summer, 2009, and Layne Coleman has invited a dozen artists from Toronto to his rented farmhouse on Highway 2. Sandy Balcovske, director, writer and caterer serves gourmet food. The group drinks F. Scott Fitzgerald cocktails (he believed gin was the way to go), discusses women of the twentieth century, and over a twelve hour period, are entertained by Nicky Guadagni who performs the seven monologues from Carolyn Smart’s book of poetry, Hooked.

Two years later, it’s summer 2011 and, after staging “Hooked” in over 35 houses in and around Toronto, Nicky Gaudagni has brought four of the monologues – Elizabeth Smart, Unity Mitford, Jane Bowles and Carson McCullers to Theatre Passe Muraille’s Backspace for SummerWorks.

The show is a visitation with these four amazing characters, each hooked on alcohol, drugs, or love. Often all three.

“In Carolyn Smart, these women have found a deeply feeling and
deeply attentive witness.”
 -Anne Michaels

” With the spectacular Nicky Guadagni as our guide to the inner worlds of [these] formidable women, Hooked is an unforgettable evening of theatre…” – Judith Thompson

Written by: Carolyn Smart

Directed by: Layne Coleman

Performed by: Nicky Guadagni

Production Managed by: Nick Hutcheson

Learn more about the women: http://www.hookedinhouse.com/sevenwomen.php




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