I Love This Band, and You Should Too : Bonjay

(Musical Gushings By Lauren Schreiber, SummerWorks Music Series Programmer)

Part 3: Bonjay = The Girl Crush

*As a note off the bat, I fully acknowledge that Bonjay is a partnership between Alanna Stuart and Ian “Pho” Swain, and but today I’m going to talk about my girl crush, and Pho, if you’re reading, I will get you next time, I promise.

You ladies know what I’m talking about right? She’s beautiful, smart, talented and sweet as pie. How can anyone so inhumanely lovely be so down to earth, so humble? When you run into her, and she shoots you a smile and calls you by your name (SHE REMEMBERED MY NAME!) your toes curl with pleasure. Her clothes are impeccable, her face is flawless, her hair is a dream and her smile is blinding. Boys want to be with her, the girls want to be her, and you should hate her for everything she is but all you want to do is be her friend and curl up beside her like a cat in the sun. We’ve all been there, and I’m not ashamed to admit…

Alanna, you have so many looks.

Bonjay is my girl crush.

Alanna has all the warmth and doe-eyed sweetness of Bambi, but when she hits the stage, LORD! I don’t know if it’s because I am super duper white and the whole dirty dancehall thing is not something I grew up with, but when Bonjay goes off with her patois and dance moves that I can not copy NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I TRY IN FRONT OF MY BEDROOM MIRROR I lose it.

I dare you not to dance. I dare you.

Reasons to love Bonjay

1. Lady can SING. Like, legit sing.

2. Lady can DANCE. How does she do it?! Especially in those jeans!?

3, Lady kills it on stage EVERY DAMN TIME

What more do you need?

Bonjay – Stumble (Addy version) from Bonjay on Vimeo.

Bonjay – Creepin from Bonjay on Vimeo.

Bonjay – Jamelia (Caribou cover) from Bonjay on Vimeo.

See Bonjay play SummerWorks Saturday August 6th at the Lower Ossington Theater.

Also, tell your friends you’re going on the social networking site ‘FaceBook’.



2 thoughts on “I Love This Band, and You Should Too : Bonjay

  1. When I see Bands like Bonjay, I wonder what the world is doing fawning over the likes of Lady Gaga. This music is for real!

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