Out at Sea, by Slawomir Mrożek

OUT AT SEA by Sławomir Mrożek

Out at Sea is a story of the selfish, the sharp-witted, and the eager by the master of absurdism, Sławomir Mrożek.  A fat man, a medium man, and a thin man are stranded at sea with no hope of rescue.  As supplies dwindle, they realize the only way to survive is to eat of them.  There is only one civilized thing left to do – campaign. And what is a campaign without a little scandal?

ARC has reunited with Aleksandar Lukac, director of our critically acclaimed Canadian Premiere of Family Stories: Belgrade.  The cast of Out at Sea includes four of ARC’s amazing gentlemen; Gordon Bolan, John Fitzgerald Jay, Sam Malkin and Andre Sills.  Anna Treusch tackles set, costume and prop design.  Neal MacLean is our outstanding Stage Manager and Janet Porter sinks her teeth into being a first time producer!

Factory Theatre Mainstage (125 Bathurst Street)

August 5th @ 5pm
August 7th @ 2:30pm
August 8th @ 10pm
August 10 @ 10pm
August 12 @ 5pm
August 14 @ 7:30pm

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