Exit, Pursued by a Bear, by bekky O’Neil

Reasons to come see Exit, pursued by a bear. at SummerWorks:

I. Puppets are magical.

II. We don’t stop at puppetry. In addition to new puppets by Quality Slippers Productions, Exit, pursued by a bear. includes an original script by bekky O’Neil, original music by indie folk artist extraordinaire Ronley Teper (www.ronleyteper.com) & Her Lipliners, original shadow puppet work by My Brother the Changeling (mybrotherthechangeling.tumblr.com), performances by both live actors and puppets, (including a 9 foot tall Grizzly Bear!) and totally epic dance numbers.  We’re not into the kitchen sink drama – we want spectacle from the theatre.  We want to feel a moment of togetherness.  Experience.  Shared ritual… and most of all – fun.

III. Bears are cool.  During the hundreds of thousands of years we’ve lived in the Northern hemisphere, we’ve never shared the space with a large population of apes. Instead, we find ourselves living alongside bears: majestic, often massive creatures, with big forward facing eyes, hands that can pick things up, and have the ability to walk on two legs. Its no surprise that many of our ancestors believed we were descended from bears, that they are our not so distant relatives.

How long can we puzzle over a single stage direction’s mystery? Why do these five words hold such a sway over our imaginations?

The show features design by Keith Del Principe and bekky O’Neil, performances by actors Adriana Disman & David Schaap, and puppeteers Anders Yates, Leah Fay Goldstein, Aly Livingston & Andrew Young.  It also features the incredible and sometimes peculiar music of Ronley Teper’s Lipliners (myspace.com/ronleyteper), and the sometimes bizarre but always absurd undoubtedly adult puppets of Quality Slippers Productions.

I look forward to seeing you there,

bekky O’Neil
Artistic Director
Quality Slippers Productions

Exit, pursued by a bear.

On the streets of Vancouver a young girl befriends a prophetic beggar who never tells the same story twice. Her dreams are being haunted by a mysterious Grizzly Bear. Could this curbside encounter reveal the troubling truth that connects these star-cross’d strangers?

Quality Slippers Productions, maker of absurd, phantasmagorical and undoubtedly adult puppet shows is proud to present a collaborative multidisciplinary play exploring the many relationships between humans and bears.  Performed with original live music by Toronto’s own Ronley Teper & Her Lipliners (myspace.com/ronleyteper). A hybrid tale of MTV & myth.

Written & Directed by: bekky O’Neil
Developed and Designed with: Keith Del Principe
Cast: Adriana Disman & David Schaap
Puppeteers: Anders Yates, Leah Fay Goldstein, Aly Livingston, Andrew Young
Shadow Puppets Designed by: Andrew Young of My Brother The Changeling
Costume Designer: Devon Dagworthy
Stage Manager: Emma Alter
Music written and performed by: Ronley Teper & Her Lipliners.

Saturday August 6th             10:30pm
Sunday August 7th             5:30pm
Monday August 8th             10:30pm
Tuesday August 9th             8:00pm
Friday August 12th             3:00pm
Saturday August 13th             5:30pm

WARNING: Performance contains smoking, gunshots & mature language.

Tickets can be purchase online here: http://www.summerworks.ca/2011/tickets.php
For more information check out: www.qualityslippers.ca / www.summerworks.ca

Join us on facebook and share the event: www.facebook.com/qualityslippers
And follow us on twitter: @qualityslippers

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