The Future

No, this isn’t a commentary on Miranda July’s new film. This is a post about our future for the next few months…

The theme of our blog will be investigation. The cold weather is not an excuse to let your fire bright energy soften. We want to be a part of helping all of your creative energy stay alive and motivated.

Every day our blog will feature Summer Daily posts. These posts will be little bursts of inspiration, featuring a song, quotation, video or photograph. (Or maybe a radio link or something a little out of the ordinary). Think of them as beefed up twitter posts with the opportunity to view images, a series of videos, or quotations longer than fifty words ;)

Once a week we will have special Muse Clusters created by past SummerWorks participants. What is a Muse Cluster you ask? A cluster of four different pieces of art that create an inspiring atmosphere for the showcased artist of the week. Each piece chosen will have a brief description from the showcased participant. We want this to begin a dialogue with the creative minds who put forward their clusters and our blog followers. We’d love to get commentaries going on the clusters, why they worked for you, why they surprised you etc; We want this to be a fun and exciting addition to our journey in cyber land. OH…and…once a month we are going to have an artistic director from our community provide a Muse Cluster as a special opportunity to see into an established visionary’s mind.

Every other week we will have write ups on theatre productions we see around the city. These will not be reviews or criticisms, they are going to focus on the positive impact of continued creation. We will showcase mini interviews of artists  from these productions. Our questions will revolve around the theme of inspiration and process. We aren’t interested in general glossy interviews, we trust that our followers want to know the nuances of the process and we intend to unveil this to you in the interviews, we want them to be super concentrated with specific and original content. We’ve chosen to do this because theatre evidently continues beyond the SummerWorks season and we want to be an active and supportive member of this. We also invite comments on these posts, we want to be in a constant conversation with our followers about the art we post and see. Our new blog has been designed to create a unique way to engage in a conversation about art, creation and inspiration. This can be done with members of our festival and beyond.

We are very excited about this new beginning and expect you to be as well. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase artists, to promote current theatrical productions, and to cultivate imaginative dialogues and responses to what we share, which for us is inspiration at its finest.

Yours Truly,

The SummerWorks Team

p.s in the meanwhile, listen to this song featured in Miranda July’s version of The Future (it accompanies a pretty iconic dance):


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