Summer Daily

I first encountered Saul Leiter’s photography through a post card I purchased in a book store in Williamsburg. After staring into his soft and distant photograph of a woman taking notes in a Paris café my mind raced with possibilities. I decided to look further into his work and have since been haunted and inspired by what his eyes see. His photography captures an action just after it begins and right before it ends, the perfect way to ignite the imagination of the viewer. Leiter often photographs subtle gestures and vulnerable spaces after they have been abandoned by the human touch; with Leiter’s photography you can always feel the breath of the last person that existed in the space of the image.

As a photographer he not only captures images of people and spaces but the mystery that permeates them; mystery in his work has a shape and a feeling. Leiter is a fine storyteller; his photographs goad you to look just beyond their frame. This is why I am delighted to share these images with you; hopefully your imagination will be stirred by them.


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