Summer Daily

Nat Baldwin’s video on Southern Souls is an example of when the internet, music, and film make art of one another.

Southern Souls is an amazing website that showcases up and coming Canadian music talent. Nat Baldwin is one of my favourite musicians on the site. His voice is gentle and kind, his lyrics are clear, and his bass thrums with texture; overall Baldwin’s music possesses a rich and compelling sound. This video of  Baldwin’s song In The Hollows poignantly showcases the sweet and ominous qualities that tie his music together.

Not only is the music a treat; the video stands on its own as a piece of art. The video was shot underneath a highway bridge; this elegantly echoes the earthy and geometric quality of Baldwin’s  music. I find it charming and wonderful that in this urban setting green sparks of leaves remain visible, winking through cement cracks unexpectedly. Kudos to Southern Souls and Nat Baldwin. Perhaps this will inspire an impromptu singing party outside. Let’s hope. In the meanwhile we can happily listen and watch Baldwin’s outdoor singing excursion.

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