Summer Daily

It’s grey outside and the air is soft; I feel like a rain storm would make everything complete.

I crave the voice of a rain shower when I need calm and focus. That day is today. I certainly can’t control weather systems; but all hope is not lost! The relieving sound of clouds exhaling water can be found here:

Not only is this website a gorgeous audio experience, it is a lovely visual experience; I love that this site displays a window dressed with plump rain drops ready to fall. Oh my goodness! And I just thought of another thing to combine with this glorious site. Jonsi&Alex music. They are exceptional examples of imaginative and sensitive artists. I just want some one to create a play or a film with their music singing in the back ground. Below you will see the link to their website.

I have spent much of my life having too much fun combining their music with the rainy mood website. Hopefully you will too.

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