Summer Daily

Much of my university life was spent going on aimless walks; I loved having friends drop by spontaneously for an unplanned adventure. All of them began with a walk; they still do now. Lately I’ve begun to practice this spontaneous principle again. One of my favourite things to do while going on these walks, whether with a friend or on my own is noticing what people leave out on their lawns (in student and young professional areas the objects tend to be quite eclectic). The debris of one person’s life can become the seed for a wild tree of creativity for another.

Since I can’t exactly post a walk on our blog I thought I’d post pictures of my favourite objects that are often left behind: pots. They ignite my imagination so easily because they have so many possible uses, some are used for planting, others for delightful beverages or meals, and perhaps others simply for display. Many of them show their age visibly in ways that often surprise me. I hope you are riveted by the pots which may just plant in your mind the right seed for a creation. 


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