Summer Daily

It’s been too long since I’ve written a Summer Daily. However, something about these steel blue skies with loosely woven clouds makes me believe that now is the right time.

Yes these skies are vast–and I am so glad that we share our sky with this Polish theatre artist and visionary KRZYSZTOF WARLIKOWSKI. I feel like many Summer Dailies could be devoted to his work.  Check out this video on youtube where he describes his newest project. I am very interested in the notion of a new space for a new story, suggesting in a way that stories choose spaces as much as we choose the stories we want to tell. I think his explanation of this WWII story is incredibly eloquent and energetic. It is entertaining as much as it is thought provoking.  WARLIKOWSKI infuses his arguments with fever pitch focus. My favourite moments of this video are when he discusses  the emotional  implications of this new work and his synopsis of the play, where he repeatedly relishes saying the word garage.  What a delight. Alongside this youtube video I have posted his professional biography from the Polish Cultural Institute New York. 

Enjoy this buffet for the imagination.

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