Summer Daily


I love the CBC. Please listen to the link above. Why?

Eleanor Wachtel and Tony Kushner make interview music in this gorgeous excerpt from the CBC program Writers and Company. Not only is it refreshing to hear Tony Kushner’s lively and original manner of speaking, Wachtel deftly teases out Kushner’s exciting and organic process of devising a theatrical piece.

Any explanation I give will distract you from the actual interview, which develops into lush answers given by Kushner and insightfully clear questions delivered by Wachtel.

This interview inspires me as an artist, it makes me think about how closely knit writers are to the emotional communities they create within their art form and outside it. Like Miranda July, Kushner is insatiably curious, an avid reader, and often self effacing. His art reflects how deeply his mind sinks into the flesh of all events, his stories emanate this dazzling and energetic approach to life.


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