Summer Daily

It all begins with a gesture. Then a platform.

At least for the Austria based company The Zeremony. This group of artists focuses on the gestures that are made possible by the train platform. They do so by having actors focus on the most popularly dreamed about situations. They’ve distilled them into genres and intentions. Some actors are specialists in saying goodbye others are specialists in saying hello.

Every participant in this flash of theatricality chooses which reaction and genre they’d like done to them or to engage with. I love this. This company throws the light on the inevitable theatricality that permeates the train platform; it too is a stage. The stage is truly inescapable. If this is true, what does this mean for us and what we desire? does the stage entail public display? veneers? insincerity? or communal self expression? What does our requested gesture at the train station say about ourselves?

Either way I do not believe The Zeremony aims to answer these questions; they unveil to us the questions we should be asking ourselves. This conflation between public space and performance space is particularly fascinating to me. I love looking into companies that flirt with this boundary through their creations. I’ve posted their website which includes a little bit more back ground information along with a summary of an installation performance they did as a part of The Street Art and Festival Theatre in Austria.

Alfred Eisenstaedt. 1961. 

By: H.E.Rittner


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