The Character’s Voice: The Physical Approach Into Creating Theatre

The Character’s Voice:  The Physical Approach Into Creating Theatre
May 5th & 12th 10:30-5:30
Two Day Workshop
Lead by Martha Ross
Zuke Studios
1581 Dupont Street, Toronto
Martha Ross, co-founder of the award-winning Toronto-based theatre company, Theatre Columbus, is offering a weekend class that will change how you create theatre.   
Your creator’s voice will be tapped by way of character work: a physical approach Martha adapted from her training at Ecole Jacques Lecoq and her years of experience of creating original theatre.


This class exposes the student to Lecoq’s technique of physically identifying with the rhythms and dynamics of the four elements and then transposing them into the dramatic dimension of character and story.


But the process has an interesting hitch: The ‘universality of tree’, is an impossible quest.  By looking for this “universality”, you fail.  It is through this ultimate failure that your personal imagination and voice is revealed. Your characters begin to talk and therefore you begin to talk. What you want to bring to the empty stage or the empty page becomes evident. Theatre is born.


As Lecoq wrote,  ‘When a student has experienced this starting point, his body will be freed, like a blank page in which drama can be inscribed.”  
As Martha says:  “It’s a time to enter the empty space, it’s a time to play, it’s a time to find out what you want to say.”
Martha’s long list of collaborative creations include  “The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine”,  “The Attic, the Pearls and three Fine Girls”,  “Paranoia”,  “Hotel Loopy”, to name just a few, and the plays she wrote “solo” include  “And Up they Flew”,  “Dr. Dapertutto”,  “Ratbag”,  “The Bog” that was part of the Blyth Theatre Festival’s play, ‘HomeTown’ and more recently, “The Story”, a retelling of the Nativity produced by Theatre Columbus at the Brickworks.  Martha has taught across Canada and at the University of Toronto UC Drama program.

What People Have Said about The Character Voice Workshop
Thank you so much for guiding, inspiring, pushing, drawing out, witnessing, celebrating, questioning, appreciating…. – Sherri
This weekend was artistically-spiritually such a breath of fresh air.. – Dave
Thanks again for a great workshop!  It was way too short…I want more!!  You are such a generous and insightful teacher – Sharon

Dates:  Saturday May 5 and Saturday May 12 @ 10:30-5:30
Location: 1581 Dupont Street
Fee: $200
Please send a very short bio and any questions to

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