HATCH FEATURE ON MORTIFIED: An Interview with Jenn Goodwin and Camilla Singh

Mortified. A cleansing, surprising, and disarming piece. Two women on stage, playing drums, dancing, while being scathing, joyful, and poetic. A daring combination that is not seen enough on stage.

When I was watching this piece I was thinking, “this is exactly what these kinds of programs are about”, playing with forms, and aesthetics to match the stories that have yet to be told in the way they need to be. There was an edgy, feminine, and irreverent energy to this piece, that makes complete sense.

Our stages need more of this, and more of them. More women playing drums, using percussion to illuminate the brutality behind conventions, while unabashedly and fearlessly unearthing the humour and poetry that underlies it all. Through the sharp edges of rhythm and percussion (vis-a-vis drum playing) so many potential stories came to light.

I can’t wait to see more of their work, and so should you. Bite your nails with excitement before reading this brief, and telling interview.


Jenn Goodwin, Camilla Singh. 

What compelled you to tell this story?

There is No ‘story’ per see though we were compelled by desire to create together, learn our instruments ( drums, taps, poms poms) and create something inspired by metal, cusps of emotions, and each other.

In one sentence describe what happens on stage.

We tap, drum, cheer, eat hot dogs, fight and dance.

 What ways have your artistic practices been challenged/changed for this


Camilla is very new to working in a theatre/dance setting. This is her first stage performance. Jenn is very new to drumming and tapping. Camilla brings a visual art/ installation influence that Jenn has not worked much within. We are both working outside our comfort zone and loving it.

 Five adjectives to describe the process.

Physical, Hilarious, Hardcore, Ketchup, Mayhem

 What question do you wish people would ask you?

Why hot dogs?

Answer that question.

Why not? Hotdog hazing is becoming a serious issue among cheerleaders in

the mid-eastern states. (true)

What exciting risks are you taking with either the content or the form

of your piece? ( you can address form and content if you wish)

We are learning new skills and stepping on stage with them quite early in the learning process. So, putting ourselves in a bit of a vulnerable position in that way. But that is also part of the beauty of what we are doing together.

We are working with people and teachers we love, who push us and understand our unconventional approach to their skilled crafts.

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